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Why start a sewing business around a holiday?

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Why start a sewing business around a holiday?

Starting a sewing business around or just before a major holiday like Christmas, might just be one of the smartest ways to start a sewing business, or any business for that matter.

Christmas is not the only holiday you could start a sewing business, but it is the major holiday that puts a lot of retailers in the black, or the profit for the year.

As such, you should jump on the bandwagon and start your sewing business too. 

Everyone knows and understands that around holidays people are in more of a festive mood and gift giving is a fluid concept.

As such it is a great time to jump start your sewing business.

One of the legs of a business is sales and marketing, and a lot of businesses spend a lot of money on that to get the word out and get their name in front of their potential customers.

This is exactly what we're talking about. What better time to put your name in front of your potential customers than when people are in a festive gift giving mood, which translates into a buying mood.

One of the easiest things and smartest ways to go about it would work real well with your sewing business. What is that you may ask?

Take a look at some of the largest businesses that have expanded very quickly as of late.

I don't know if you use DropBox but one of their brilliant marketing schemes is to give away a small amount of their product to people that recommend their product to other potential customers.

So if we take a similar approach, we would give away a small product to people around the holidays.

That may not sound so genius, but consider this. While many businesses have to buy their inventory, you could make your own inventory which would put you at an advantage over a lot of other businesses. 

It is an advantage for you because the cost of your inventory would be a lot lower than if you would have to go out and purchase already made product.

Not to mention that you can design your product with your contact information for your business.

You would not leave that part out. So for example, around Christmas time, you could make a bunch of stockings and sew on a logo of your business on them which would also have your telephone number and or email address or website on it.

Are you getting excited yet about starting your new sewing business? Is your idea just in the planning stages and don't yet have your sewing machine? 

That's ok, its smart to plan your ideas before implementing them, and if you need a sewing machine instruction manual please click here.

I am not saying it is the only marketing you will ever need but I think you can see that any marketing that you can start out for the cost of peanuts and get your business in front of potential customers is worth considering.

So when you think about it, how many holidays are there in the year? Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, Summer festivities, birthdays, anniversaries, and the list goes on.

You could give an incentive to people such as a coupon for % off depending on how many of your product they can give out to their friends and families and customers you get from that. 

You get the point, and your imagination will get fired up with ideas once you begin to think about the possibilities of starting a sewing business just before and around the holidays.

Want to start a sewing business? Why not a flamenco dress sewing business?

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