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Check list for better sewing

Posted by Absolute Sewing on

Schmetz NeedlesThe sewing machine's instruction manual should always be reviewed for troubleshooting steps when problems arise. The first things to check would be that your needle is not damaged or bent and that it is inserted correctly and all the way in. Sometimes you need a stretch needle for stretchy fabric!! The other major player is excessive tension caused by cotton getting wrapped around guides or grabbed by rough bits, like a badly damaged needle plate.

If material is not fed
  1. Feed dog is down.
  2. Needle plate is out of position.
  3. Stop motion knob is loose.
  4. Stitch length regulator is at 0.

If upper thread breaks
  1. Upper threading is not correct.
  2. Needle eye is not sharp.
  3. Upper thread is too large for needle eye.
  4. Upper tension is too tight.
  5. Needle is inserted incorrectly.

If needle brakes
  1. Needle is inserted incorrectly.
  2. Needle clamp screw is loose.
  3. Bent needle is used.
  4. Upper threading is not correct.
  5. Upper threading is too tight.
  6. Material pulled excessively.
  7. Wrong needle for cloth sewn.
If lower thread breaks
  1. Lower thread is entangled in shuttle.
  2. Lower thread tension is too tight.
  3. Lower threading is not correct.
If loops form on fabric
  1. Tension of upper thread is wrong.
  2. Tension of lower thread is wrong.
  3. Upper Tension disks dirty.
  4. Bobbin case dirty.
If machine skips stitches
  1. Needle is not sharp and straight.
  2. Needle is inserted incorrectly.
  3. Wrong needle for cloth sewn.
  4. Wrong thread for cloth sewn.
  5. Upper threading is not correct.
  6. Lint is clinging to needle plate.
If material becomes creasy
  1. Thread tension is too tight.
  2. Threading is not correct.
  3. Thread is caught by something.
  4. Lower thread is unevenly wound on bobbin.
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  • Tension
  • Needle break