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Why Corona Virus pandemic Lockdown is a perfect time to start your sewing business in 2020 and beyond.

Posted by Admin on

Why Corona Virus pandemic Lockdown is a perfect time to start your sewing business in 2020 and beyond.

No doubt this too shall pass, we just don't know how soon. Without going into the details of this Wuhan China flu pandemic, the lockdown is impacting the large majority that is not afflicted with any flu or virus.

So, why talk about starting a sewing business right now? Because this is one way to live your belief that lockdowns don't make positive change in the world, but positive actions does exactly that.

Grinding to a halt will not help your finances, nor anyone else's for that matter.

Nor will it help the collective finances of everyone else also known as "the economy".

To be clear, we are addressing this to those of you in the majority that are not afflicted with anything.

If you are afflicted, please take this time to take notes and plan your sewing business and do what you can to rest and take care of yourself.

So with that out of the way, let's get on with it.

The best reasons to start a sewing business right now are the very same ones that say it is a great business to start at any other time.

All of the normal benefits of starting and running a sewing business are valid for this particular discussion.

In particular though, is the fact that a sewing business is usually run from home,
and we encourage you to start that way just because it is a very smart way to start a business since its lower cost, easier quicker and just plain more comfortable in many ways, if the situation fits you.

Of course, starting and running a home based sewing business is a great way to be in commerce without having to be out in front of the public, why?

Because you do not have to have walk ins if you don't want.

At the point in time that this pandemic passes, you can start having walk ins if that is part of your business model.

So the home based sewing business is ideal for these kinds of situations because as you already know you can and should sell and list your products for sale somewhere on line,
either on your own website, or a sales platform like Amazon, or Ebay if you like.

You can also put out ads around the holidays.

Another idea is that if you already have a service or product business with a clientele you can leverage that list by adding your sewing services as a complimentary add on: see pic below.

And if you need a sewing machine instruction manual please click here.

So don't let this pandemic lockdown put a damper on your dreams and your activity. Get out there and go get'em.

More articles about starting a sewing business.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or some ideas that are working for you right now.

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