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Why sewing business are really shining right now during this time of crisis!

Posted by Admin on

Why sewing businesses are really shining right now during this time of crisis!

I've written about what a perfect time it is to start a sewing business right now, not exclusively as an opportunistic endeavor

but also as a help to humanity it provides right now with its support of the people on the front lines of this health pandemic by providing badly needed face masks.

But there are other aspects of a sewing business that really shine at all times, for so many reasons, and especially during a time of crisis.

Not just health pandemic crisis, but any crisis that unravels the fabric of society. (pun)

For example: In the news just today a Harvard professor who wants to ban homeschooling is humiliated,

as the whole world embraces home schooling during this health crisis pandemic.
A home based sewing business accomplishes many of the same goals that things like home schooling do during the same crisis.

It allows you to work from home, therefore avoiding any conflicts with travel, as many countries have established only certain days people can travel out side of their home even in their own home town.

You also avoid being told you can't open your business as so many small retail businesses have suffered.

You can run your sewing business by mail.
It allows you to avoid crowds, by being home, and practicing the best of social distancing. 

While everyone is worried about being too close to co workers and or the general public and trying to 

keep enough distance to avoid contracting any viruses or other sickness, you don't worry about any of that.

Most importantly, it helps you avoid unemployment, by creating in more ways than one,
your own work instead of depending on an employer.

It allows you to be creating. Sewing business is one of the most creative pursuits one can entertain,

just because there is so much that can be done within the realm of sewing, such as:

Recession proof self reliance,such as making your own clothes and attire.

Necessity, such as when making badly needed face masks for the corona virus pandemic.

Entertainment, such as making crafts and gifts.

And for just plain fun such as when you want to make flamenco dresses.

Ok, so you're convinced by now or at least seriously considering starting and running your very own home based sewing business.

As a reminder, if you need a sewing machine instruction manual, you're welcome to get it right here.

In future articles we will discuss options for starting your sewing business, ideas to help your sewing business thrive, sewing machines, sewing machine instruction manuals and anything that pertains to your enjoyment of the same.

And if you liked this article, please bookmark it and tell your friends that this is a great place to get your sewing machine instruction manual.

For joint venture and collaboration ideas please email sewing nz 5218 AT yahoo DOT com.


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